The power of entrepreneurial women

Entrepreneurial Woman Infographic

The last twenty years in our journey as female entrepreneurs

Freshbooks is always releasing really cool infographics on subjects that effect me personally. This one is especially fascinating as it chronicles the female entrepreneurial experience over the last two decades.

In the time since I began my career in graphic design, the number of female-owned business has grown by 74%. When I think about that it amazes me. Twenty years is a long time, but it isn’t. When you think about how long women were denied the rights of men and how long we sat on the bench … it’s a flash in the pan. What’s even more amazing is that a large number of female entrepreneurs have been women of color. Turns out, the harder you hold us down, the more we build ourselves up. Through all of this, we managed to become stronger and in just a quarter of a lifetime we’ve nearly doubled our numbers as business owners.

Where was I during all of this?

I was born right around the recession in the 70’s where women were being laid off. They were seen as expendable and less valuable than their male counterparts. Big surprise was, it was the catalyst for women standing up and taking control of their lives.

In an act of solidarity, Congress passed the Women’s Business Ownership Act in ’88. Women no longer needed their husband to sign off on loans and we were allowed to compete for government contracts.

In the 90’s we took control of the new universe called internet. Many of us spent this time learning and growing skill sets that would set us up as one of the most flexible generations of women ever. We learned how to use the internet to build brands and share our knowledge and skills with an outrageous number of people.

I started by business in the throws of the 2008 recession. We took to social media and spread our messages and brands across the globe. Funny how I was born during a recession only to start my business amidst one. Go figure.

Women kick-ass and will continue to do so.

Women represent about half of all business owners, starting 1,821 new businesses every day! There’s still quite a bit of work to do. A recent article cites that, “A closer look at the numbers, however, reveals that women entrepreneurs still have far to go. It is true, for instance, that women lead 4 in 10 businesses in the U.S., but most are actually one-woman shows, according to the analysis. Their ventures make up about 8 percent of all employment and account for only 4.3 percent of total revenues. Women founders who apply for bank loans also receive about 45 percent less money than their male peers…” according to a recent study by Biz2Credit.

You can read more about women-owned business in S.C. here.

Freshbooks Female Entrepreneurs Infographic

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