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Project Description



Logo Design and ReBranding

St. Luke’s offers quality health care to uninsured Spartanburg County residents. The clinic meets their need for primary medical care, physician-ordered medications, pastoral support and patient education.

I met with the marketing director back in 2015, submitted a proposal and awaited approval for many months. When I finally got the “Go” I ran with it! I love this design.


Design and Symbolism

The new St. Luke’s logo is a simple, two color design. The color palette is bright and uplifting. Blue to represent trust, dependability and strength. Gold to represent warmth, optimism and hope. The three open hands represent the medical community, clergy and community volunteers as well as the Mind, Body and Spirit of the patients. These elements combine to allow St. Luke’s clinic to continue providing health and hope to the residents of Spartanburg. The three hands naturally created a Trinity that I thought to highlight here in a contrasting gold. This element reflects the Christian foundation St. Luke’s was founded on.



Saint-Lukes-Logo-Tee-ShirtGraphic Design with a Purpose

My hope is that this new branding and imagery will inspire the staff and board to continue improving their brand and expanding their services in our community. There are so many who need so much and this organization is poised to serve them beautifully. This new brand was designed specifically for this purpose.

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