Project Description

Samira tween glamourBad Ass, Glitter Wearing, Soccer Juggling Feary Wearing Boots

Samira is daughter to a good friend of mine that I have been photographing for years now. We took these amazing shots of her to honor her coming into her age. It always amazes me when I shoot these strong young women. After spending a few hours with them you get to know them on a truly intimate level. We talk about makeup, school, values, relationships and lots of other stuff.

Glamour portraits for kids?

My glamour portraits aren’t focused on heavy editing or overdone makeup. Each session is customized. If a client doesn’t want to wear makeup, they don’t. We integrate as many facets of their personality as possible into their session. It isn’t uncommon for us to spend 3-4 hours together. I designed my glamour sessions to be different from the stereotypical soft focus and airbrushed look. I leave a raw aspect to them that allows the subject’s humanity and personality shine through.

Behind the scenes

I don’t often use an assistant. This session was an exception. I wanted to document my process. I did Samira’s makeup and hair for each set of shots. I had collected information about things she would enjoy doing at her session. I provided a completely customized experience.

Sami’s session

This young woman has about a billion facets to her personality. Strong and beautiful, smart and gritty. I know that with her parent’s support she is going to do something amazing in this world.

It was truly an honor to capture this stage in her life. These portraits document an important time in her world and I know they will be treasured for generations.