Project Description

PFLAG Spartanburg Web Design and Print Design

PFLAG is a nationwide organization who’s mission it is to provide support to family members of the LGBTQ+ community. By providing resources and support, they increase the odds that families will accept and continue to support their LGBTQ+ loved ones. Each year, millions of LGBTQ+ individuals are alienated by family members who don’t have the support in their communities to learn about and accept their loved ones.

Our local PFLAG chapter was sharing a website with another chapter. To be brutally honest, the website was not great. The information scattered, the user experience was way less than optimal, information and links were outdated and the website was not optimized to be responsive across devices (mobile friendly). Along with a recent change in leadership, came my chance to finally get to contribute to this organization in a meaningful way.

Project Scope

My first project was a flyer for the organization’s scholarship program. Prior to my involvement, the organization hadn’t invested much in a brand. The national chapter of PFLAG provided a logo, but little else in the way of brand guidelines. So, all of the other chapters are just sorting of shooting in the dark and some are not doing a great job because they don’t understand branding. I set out to define a brand with this first piece and carried it over into other concepts and designs.

Second was the development of the website. I loved this web design project so much! I worked closely with the Vice President in choosing imagery that would reflect the vast diversity that it the LGBTQ+ community and updated content to be easier for the reader to consume. I restructured the website to make important information easy to find and included plenty of colorful elements to communicate the diverse and accepting nature of the organization.

The third project we worked on was the design of new t-shirts for the 2018 Greenville PRIDE rally. The minimalist design uses the organization’s core values as a proclamation: LISTEN. SHARE. LEARN. ACT.

I enjoy working with this organization so much. I’m honored that they came to me to help them focus their brand and their marketing. I look forward to many, many more projects.

Why is this organization important to me?

I feel like it’s important to share my connection with this organization. I love all of my NFP clients and each one is important to me for a different reason. This one is extra special though. Two of my brothers belong to the LGBTQ community. One being openly gay and the other trans, I understand the huge significance of this organization. Helping family members love and accept these individuals reduces the rate of suicide, homelessness and mental illness among the LGBTQ+ community.