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Project Description

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PastaRun Music is a music blog by Ross Owen and Cameron Daniel. Alongside the music pieces that are collected here, there are opinion pieces on a plethora of topics meant to open the reader’s mind and broaden their horizons.

Logo Design

I designed a two fold logo for the online publication. One based on the original logo, an elbow macaroni turned up and displaying audio equalizer bars. I then gave it an update and a bit more elaborate look with a cityscape illustration balanced on the macaroni. The yellow tones of the logo illustration is contrasted by a dark blue backdrop.

The main logo text (PRM) is a modern, abstract font paired with a simple, readable sans-serif font. This was a fun logo to develop and I really enjoyed the way it turned out. The logo is used mainly as the blog’s header and on Facebook. I loved the way it looked up in the website header of the mobile version of their website.

It’s extra special when a logo’s separate elements work just as well used independently as they do all together. I love the way this one could be used for all sorts of promotional booty.

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