Project Description

Mary Grace Moyd

Personal Branding

In 2015 Mary Grace Moyd (Wallace) was the founder / owner of Writefully His. Well, she still is, as well as doing so much else! Writefully His is a wonderful company, and movement, that provides school supplies to children in Africa. Moyd curates beautiful stationery crafted by local artists. She then sells these beautiful pieces and donates proceeds to the purchase of notebooks and pencils. You can read about their work here and here.

I had worked with Moyd before and was super excited to get the chance again. I walked into Grace’s space in downtown Spartanburg and was immersed in lovely little pieces of mail-able artwork. It was a light, airy, relaxed space. She has this smile that lights up any room. I had my daughter with me and Grace loved that. M walked about snapping shots with her own digital camera and we giggled and chatted. We shot some bits inside and then all took a walk about town. We shot on our way down the street and ended up in Morgan Square where I captured the most beautiful light and more of Moyd’s trademark smile.

The day was well spent and I am honored to have been able to work with such an amazing soul.