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Project Description

Kulture Mine Landing Page

Kulture Mine: A Cultural, Artistic Movement

I’m not sure exactly how to describe this to you. It’s not a “real” thing yet. I mean, it’s plenty real, it’s just not fully grown. It’s still kind of in the womb, developing until it’s born in the form of podcasts, musical and artistic promotion, cultural community … and beyond.

I first met Kelsie Floyd at the Start:Me vendor night. I set up a table and handed out business cards and answered lots of questions. I collected emails and in return I did a drawing. The winner got a fully developed logo and style guide. I also setup a Facebook page and MailChimp account complete with landing page to collect emails.

Like I said, this small family hasn’t even begun to grow yet, but I can tell by the passion in Mr. Floyd’s voice when we talk that this is something he believes in with his entire being. I love to see people get excited about their passions. I thrive on seeing that anxious happiness in their faces. If it weren’t for that … I wouldn’t have much reason to do what I’m doing.

I look forward to helping this movement grow and thrive in Spartanburg. You can find out more about Kulture Mine and sign up for their email list here.

Find out more about the amazing work Start:Me Spartanburg is doing here.

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