Jessica Artistic Glamour Portraits

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Project Description

I shot these artistic glamour portraits of Jessica last year when I was expanding my portfolio and trying out a new style of portrait photography. This women just blew me away. We had her makeup done my Natalie Marzouca in Spartanburg and I did her hair, styled the shoot and created the gown.

Jessica is a mother of three housewife who lives in North Carolina. I’ve known her since 2010 when she started dating my brother. They married the following year. Her first and my second child are three months apart and we weathered our pregnancies and postpartum together. We both work from home and we both have a propensity for cussing, coffee and wine. Needless to say, she’s one of my favorite humans.

Her transformation from unfiltered “bossy” housewife to coy and reserved runway model is simply breathtaking and I’m honored that she let me dress her up and capture these once in a lifetime images.

Not everyone wants to get a make-over, but I belief that everyone needs beautiful portraits to pass down. These images will live on as a side of Jessica that only her closest loves will really know. That’s something priceless and worth passing down to her great-great-grandchildren.

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