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Project Description

The Greene Canary

Logo and Print Design

In 2013 The Greene Canary boutique opened in downtown Spartanburg. Specializing in pageant and special occasion formal dresses, this brand had to be high end and well designed.

In addition to custom illustration and several layouts, I provided a striking gold pattern to be used with the logo and in other branded materials.

The Greene Canary logo palette consisted of two colors, gold and black. I kept the logo simple and clean, using only black, reserving the gold for the ornate background pattern. The logo proper included a sleek, modern font and an illustration of a canary perched atop an antique cage. The illustration was meant to symbolize strength and resilience, as in female strength and resilience. Even though we may appear beautiful and demure, you can not keep us caged. We are not your entertainment or your pets. We make a difference, everyday. As do these pageant participants. Seeking to use these stages as jumping off points to become better people and spread positive messages, so does our little Greene Canary.

Over the years I also provided print design that included advertisements, invitation, promotional mail pieces and posters. After two years in their downtown location, The Greene Canary refocused their brand and evolved into Canary Designs, LLC with the goal of focusing on serving the pageant world more directly.

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