It’s November. It’s getting colder (even in the south), we’ve survived Halloween and we’re preparing for Thanksgiving. Here are some cozy, warm palettes to inspire you.

Butters is curled up on our bed. Her palette features warm neutrals that include dark browns, gold, rose and cream as well as a contrasting light grayish blue.

The second palette is created from a photo of some Autumn Dogwood seeds I photographed in my backyard. The palette and photo feature warm brown and gold tones accented by a pretty, almost chartreuse, green.

warm color palette for November



Inspiration from Every Day Life

Feel free to share and use them for your own projects. Hover over the horizontal palette for HEX values and enjoy!

I was inspired by this color curator and her fantastic gift for creating palettes from nature.

I love feedback, so feel free to comment. If you have a project or event you’d like me to create a palette for, please contact me for pricing and availability.