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Who are my clients?

They are individuals, business owners and organizations. They come from all walks of life. We seemingly have nothing in common when we sit down at our first consultation, but we leave with a shared understanding of our experiences.

A little bit about who I work with.

Nearly a quarter of my clients are not-for-profit organizations. Over 80% of those are local to the Southeast. Over the last ten years I have worked with organizations focused on human rights, conservation, community outreach and education. Some are highly political and others are grassroots community efforts focused on providing for a specific need. I have become adept at understanding the unique marketing needs of these organizations. By working with these organizations I have been able to contribute to causes that are important to our communities futures and connect with causes that matter to me and my family.

A large number of my clients fall into the category of “small businesses”. Many are one or two person operations that are following their passion. These clients are special to me, not just because they often become friends, but also because I am them. As someone who started out as a freelancer in 2008 and grew into a one person marketing boutique, I understand the challenges that individuals building business face every day. Nothing invigorates my entrepreneurial spirit like listening to another business owner get excited about their business.

Another group of clients are agencies. As an independent creative I often provide graphic design services to creative agencies. I fill gaps for them when they are understaffed or have special projects that cause them to exceed their capabilities. As an independent contractor, I am imperative to their success and continued growth as they strive to provide their clients with quality creative while simultaneously growing their own business. Having come from an agency background, I understand the inner workings and hierarchy that keep an agency flowing. My flexibility and transparency are often a perfect match for these creative groups.

No matter who you are or what size your business, my promise is always the same. I will work with you as a partner. I will help you plan and answer your questions honestly. I want you to consider me someone who works beside you for as long as you like, rather than just another freelancer.

“Our goal was visibility, and through Heather’s efforts, we are now everywhere – regular posts on [social media]. Beautiful posters and materials have been developed – and our website – engaging, visually stimulating and filled with the resources and information we want to make available. She has worked with community partners to spread our message even further. She is a tremendous asset to our organization, and we are so thankful for her.”

Client, Sally McClellan, PFLAG SpartanburgSally McClellan, PFLAG Spartanburg
“Heather is the essential brand interpreter for Heart House’s website and visual communication needs. We rely on Heather for many of our creative needs that a nonprofit has, and what amazes me is her true understanding of our refugee empowerment mission …”
Heart House Brand InterpreterSoudary Kittivong-Greenbaum, Heart House Dallas

“When we relaunched our website with Heather’s new design, our visit rate more than tripled, and we had multiple page visits with longer stays. Her work contributed to a huge spike in interest in our organization. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Brendan Buttimer, Hub City Farmer's Market (2015)

“Heather M Schiefer was so intuitive and connected to my aesthetic right away. I’m thrilled with the portfolio she created for Pink Dogwood Jewelry and encourage anyone in need of design work to connect with Heather!”

Nancy Faulkner, Pink Dogwood Jewelry
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