May 2017 Designer Update

//May 2017 Designer Update

May 2017 Designer Update

2017-05-04T10:44:30+00:00May 4th, 2017|

I have not been the most “in touch” person this year. Ugh! Some crazy, happy and terrible things have happened that forever keep me on my toes.

Let’s see, I started out my year by setting a few goals.

1. Complete an eight week belly dance series
2. Complete the NXLevel Workshop for existing entrepreneurs and just educate myself a bit in general
3. Get off my ass and get more active
4. Push my business further by promoting my photography services

How am I doing?

Well, I complete my second eight week dance series next week and take my certification test this month. That’s right, I’ll be a certified belly dancer! Then I’ll move on to level 2 and can be a part of the student troupe at Bella Dance Studio. What do you think? Maybe I should add “Belly Dancer” to my title?

I completed the NXLevel workshop and received my certificate. It was an intensive course that drilled down months of learning into six classes. The registration fee was even covered by a local credit union! BONUS! I am so grateful to the SCSBA for offering these fantastic courses to small businesses. I took a day long tax workshop as well, for free. The SBA offers free mentoring services to small businesses. You should totally get in touch with them if you’re a business owner that needs some direction or if you’re even thinking about starting a business.

I started with some yoga and I’m still doing that … a couple of times a week. There’s the belly dance. I did try getting into running. But, as Elsa says … “Let it goooooooooo!” Yeah, not for me.

I’ve fallen a bit short on #4, though. In my defense, I’ve been really busy with real paying work. So, I’m still pushing through and planning on launching a mail-in product photography service within the next couple of months.

Work Aside …

Milla with the Polaroid on our last story time trip to the library.

The end of an era …

In more personal news, our daughter finally started school!! She entered 4K a couple of months ago and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I’ve craved a daily regularity that I just wasn’t getting before. Do I keep up on all of my business and personal tasks? No. I’ve let go of thinking I ever could, but, I’m less stressed and M is totally digging school. She’s reading and has friends and is growing in ways she just wasn’t while she was at home.

Since April 1st I’ve been more scattered than usual and I took a short leave of absence in the early part of April to say goodbye to my youngest brother. Joe (Jivaghn) became a part of our family something like fifteen years ago when he was five years old. He and our son were only months apart in age and they grew up together. They often laughed that Joe was Patrick’s uncle and only a few months older. He moved back to be with his biological family after he graduated high school here in SC. He visited at Christmas time and talked about coming back to live with our son. He was a joyful and positive soul. Despite whatever problems he faced, he always came out smiling and it’s still so hard to think that his plans to come back to us this year will never be complete. I did get to see my other three adopted brothers. They’re all in NY, so far away.

It’s too easy to take people for granted. We aren’t especially close. There’s a huge age gap and they all have their biological families as well. That balance is delicate. I miss them and I hope reconnecting with them makes a difference for all of us.

Hard things happen. Plans get sidelined as life hurdles forward like a freight train ready to derail. We keep moving though, because if we stop for too long, that train will catch us up and flatten us. Then we’re left scooping our life up off the tracks only to have to start all over again. Don’t stop here. Rest if you need it. Take a break to refocus. Put your priorities into perspective. Just don’t stop here. As much as I’d like to crawl back into bed some days (less now than, say, a year ago) I know that I can do one thing every day. Just one. Enough to keep me moving forward. And if, by chance, I don’t … there’s always tomorrow.

I would love to know what you thought of my post. Leave me some feedback!

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