As a female who owns a business, International Women’s Day is kind of important.

Alright, fine. I didn’t even know that today was International Women’s Day. I’m not a date keeper. I get surprised by my own birthday nearly every year. It’s on Christmas. So this morning I hit Google up for something and see their header. It has that triangle play icon on it so, I click it. What I found took my breath away. There is a collection of stories there made up of striking artwork and beautiful words. My favorite is “The Box”. That one is my story, all day long. Then I click the link at the bottom of the screen that instructs me to “Celebrate International Women’s Day”. It takes you to this YouTube video that illustrates how the world is learning about gender equality and feminism. How we’re seeking it out. How we NEED it.

So, obviously, I think …  “HEY! I can blog about this!” It’s been a few days since a post and I’m trying to get off my arse and be more visible. I thought I would just share a short story about what happened this morning.

Some back story.

I had a branding session this morning. It was a more casual session, as it was with a fellow dance troupe member called Donnette. She is a wellness coach and has a little business that she wants to grow into a bigger business. I’ve known her for years (although we talked today about how we don’t really know how we know each other), but we never really spent time together. Then I joined belly dance (as a way of empowering myself) and realized that Donnette was a member of the troupe. She encouraged me to perform in my first student showcase and because of her I joined troupe and I’m still dancing over a year later.

Dreading the things I love.

So, we’d had a consult a few weeks ago to talk about her desire to grow her business and I fell in love with her passion for healthy food and teaching others. I simply could not wait to do this session. Then, the come-down.

We’ve been prepping for my in-laws to visit and I had torn the house apart to clean. I hadn’t had time to finish or put the house back together before I had to get to class. I didn’t expect husband to finish my work, but I guess I thought he would have to do something in order to complete his own tasks, like cook dinner or even get into the bedroom (I had dragged some boxes just inside our door and left them). When I got home at 9pm I was stepping over these things. Both sinks were full of dishes. There was a load of laundry in the washer and one in the dryer. I hadn’t eaten and I had hurt my back pulling out the spare bed earlier that day.

Lean in and move forward.

What does this matter? I was suddenly dreading the session I’d been so pumped about. Why? Because I was angry? Frustrated? I don’t think so. I think I walked back through that door after my “me time” and was deflated. I felt that nothing I did as a wife or mother or woman would matter. I could get angry or rage at husband, but what good would that do? I could cry or curl into a ball and give up. None of that is really an option.

I cleaned that mess up. I organized the stuff that needed organizing, I finished the laundry and I started in on the dishes. All while husband sat in his recliner having his “me time”. He did come in and help me get the dishes done and I held onto that as he poured me a glass of wine and arranged the left over frozen pizza on a paper plate for me. We played the passive-aggressive “are you mad at me” game. Then we went to bed. Happy.

This morning I was still a bit flat. I felt defeated by motherhood and my business and married life. I had promised this session to my friend, though, so I went. It was the best decision I’ve made all month. We talked while we arranged healthy food and took beautiful photos of this dancer-teacher-boss-momma-woman. We talked to eggs and giggled at cauliflower. She was so excited and happy about her path and what we were creating. I had no idea my day would start this way. We were done in an hour and I’m pretty sure that none of these images needs any post processing.

We nailed it.

Do the hard stuff
if the hard stuff is
the stuff you love.

Moral of the story?

Do the hard stuff if the hard stuff is the stuff you love. It won’t make it less hard all the time, but it will make it worth it. It will show you your path. Simply getting up and going to this session lead me to such an empowered feeling. I came home and made two phone calls that I had been dreading to potential clients and now I’m writing a blog post I hadn’t even planned. As women we often believe that we have to tolerate things that make us unhappy. It’s important that we offset those things with things we absolutely, unquestionably LOVE with all of our guts.

I realized today that while I empower all types of business people to be their best, I get the biggest high from watching a woman do something that lights her fire. Whether it’s starting a business, spending time having her portraits made or even just dancing because she wants to. A woman is never more beautiful than when she is happy in her tasks. She never shines as bright as when she’s sharing her passion. Even if that passion is cauliflower.

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