Free Invoice Templates from Freshbooks

I hated creating invoices until Freshbooks.

When I started this business in 2008 I was using Excel to create invoices, track and expenses and work with most of my data. And I hated it to no end. None of the free invoice templates I came across even came close to solving my issues.

I would stare at those templates for hours. I hated the way my invoices looked and entering all of my entries each month made me want to puke. I would inevitably redesign them and flub up those wondrous little Excel formulas until it just didn’t work anymore. Not only did I hate them, but my clients found them confusing and difficult to understand because they were never formatted correctly and were often missing information. They made me look bad, didn’t function properly and weren’t much help for organizing data. It was a constant source of frustration and angst within my business.

A fellow freelancer turned me onto Freshbooks after she received one of my invoices and realized I was struggling with this part of my business. I can not thank her enough for that introduction! Not only does Freshbooks automatically enter my time entries each month into my recurring invoices, I don’t have to do anything but pick my colors and fonts. They are formatted and automated! Oh. My. Gosh. How much simpler can invoicing get??

If you haven’t checked Freshbooks out then you should definitely do that. I promise that if you’re a freelancer or small business, they can help you. Not only that, but they have a bunch of free invoice templates that you can download and work with in your favorite app! Word, Google Docs, Excel, what ever it is. You’ll look more professional, they’re super easy to customize and will help you keep your clients and data organized.

Download a free invoice template in whatever format you like here.

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