freshbooks cloud accounting
FreshBooks extended their flash sale through next week!

Until Friday, March 15th, 2019 all FreshBooks plans are 50% off for your first 3 months when you skip the trial period.

Why would you switch to FreshBooks? Here are my reasons:


Everything from the dashboard to the accounting reports is super easy to use. I mean, they take user experience the extreme. Everything is intuitive, attractive and minimalist. I love everything about it.

Customer Service is Amaze-balls

Over the last ten years I’ve had a couple occasions to contact their customer support. I’ve talked with them about everything from tech issues to suggesting features. They are super helpful, patient and knowledgeable.

Time Tracking, Retainers and Proposals

I track time, charge clients up front for certain services and write proposals. All of these features (plus a gazillion more) are all wrapped up in this cloud platform. Have I mentioned how much I love FreshBooks?

So, moment of truth. Do you just suffer through spreadsheets and accounting software your dad gave you the disc to from his business venture in 2005? Ummmm. No. You click that super flashy banner and do better.

This is an affiliate post. If you click a link and make a purchase I’ll get some coffee money. I promise not to waste it on decaf. 🙂