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Free Website Audit

CTA, above the fold, funnel, incentives … these can all be intimidating terms. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone take a look at your website and suggest real, effective changes that you could implement today? What if they were willing to do this for free?

What is a website audit?

GoDeep Strategy Website Design

The process is simple. You fill out the form, I evaluate the design of one specified page, create a detailed report and even provide one example image of the changes implemented. It doesn’t have to be a WordPress website either. You’ll also get a detailed SEO report with recommendations. Pretty cool, huh?

Zero commitment and zero risk. You can take your results and try implementing the changes yourself, hire another web professional or … we can work together to make your website rock.

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GoDeep Strategy Website Design

“Her web design has driven traffic through the roof! ”

“When we relaunched our website with Heather’s new design, our visit rate more than tripled, and we had multiple page visits with longer stays. Her work contributed to a huge spike in interest in our organization. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

– Brendan Buttimer (Hub City Farmer’s Market website – 2015)

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