I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook cover photo for your page that will display correctly on mobile as well as desktop.

I see lots of business pages, usually those without in-house design people, who’s cover photos display badly because they are low resolution or aren’t designed with multiple sizes in mind. Here’s the thing, there are two sizes for Facebook cover photos. There’s a size for the desktop version and another size for the mobile version.

If you look at these comparisons (click for larger versions), the mobile version is taller than the desktop version. So, when you’re creating these cover photos and you view them on a mobile device Facebook crops them in on the sides and if there is text or important content in those margins they are cut off when viewed on a cell phone.


How to Size Your Facebook Cover Photo for Mobile and Desktop

I’ve put together a tutorial on the cover photo sizes and how to avoid cropping on the mobile version. I’ve also created a template that you can download and save for reference later on. It’s at the end of this post.


Free Online Photo Editor

Then I went looking for a free online photo editor to recommend so that you could actually do this and put together this video on using Canva Photo Editor to size your photos. You don’t need to sign up and it does not watermark your final image. Remember, always keep your original image.



Handy Cover Photo Template

I promised a template, right? Here it is. Just right click it on your desktop or long press on your mobile device to save it.

PRO TIP: Your event photos are the same size as your mobile cover photo. Both are a 16:9 ratio which is a common crop setting in photo editors.