These Easter inspired palettes are meant to cheer me up (and you if you need it) after a rough morning and welcome this holiday weekend meant for new beginnings, birth and (hopefully) warmer weather.

Thursday mornings. They are not typically very notable. This morning, though, we had a minor tragedy. M and I discovered that her newly adopted cat had been hit by a car last night. We had the cat three days. A couple of months ago we had adopted our first cat in years and she was hit a week after bringing her home. My daughter was all sorrow and sadness this morning, with stuff like, “It’s useless. I’ll never have a kitty.” Husband is still texting me hours later, stewing on the idea that someone might have done this intentionally. We’ve got some feelings flying ’round here today. Ya’ll, it’s been a doozie. Who’s got the coffee?

So, I looked in my palette archives for something pretty and light and just a bit cleansing. This portrait is still one of my favorites and the card is stationery from WritefullyHis.

spartanburg portrait photographer


spartanburg product photography


Inspiration from Every Day Life

Feel free to share and use them for your own projects. Hover over the horizontal palette for HEX values and enjoy!

I was inspired by this color curator and her fantastic gift for creating palettes from nature.

I love feedback, so feel free to comment. If you have a project or event you’d like me to create a palette for, please contact me for pricing and availability.