Our work isn’t all about you paying me to make things that help you sell stuff. My process is personal and I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients in a way that agencies just don’t. Each of these stories will dig into, not only the business perspective of my clients, but the personal mindset they were in when we began the project. You’ll hear about how each step allowed them to further realize their goals. As I add more of these stories I hope to tell stories of people who are doing what they love, defying the status quo and making a difference.

The services I offer include logo design, brand development, website design, photography and marketing coaching. My combined 20 years experience in these fields and my ten years in business for myself gives me a unique vantage point. Small business looks just a bit different to me from where I sit. I want to use my skills in whatever way is most valuable to you. Whether it’s paid coaching and consultations, maintaining your website or just taking your digital marketing and running with it. I’m here for this.

These Are Our Stories