Nancy Faulkner Pink Dogwood Jewelry designer

Nancy has worked with a designer only to get a logo she didn’t love. She takes her own product shots, but needs to polish her process. She’s wasted dollars and hours on designs that don’t represent her brand and images that don’t communicate her value.

Nancy loves designing jewelry by re-purposing vintage pieces. Her pieces are reminiscent of the art nouveau period and often feature vintage pieces from estates. She often travels to find pieces to incorporate into her jewelry and takes great care in creating each piece. She’s a proud mom who enjoys designing and selling her pieces full time.


Nancy’s goals are to polish her brand and expand her market. She’s selling some wholesale, but mostly at maker shows and online to individuals. She would like to be taken more seriously as a designer and make more money designing jewelry.

Pink Dogwood logo design



Nancy’s biggest obstacle is time. She struggles to prioritize her time between marketing, branding and designing. She’s worked with designers before and has not been happy with the results. Being rushed and not taking time to get to know the person developing her brand has cost her thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Strategy & Solutions

Step 1: Brand Development

Based on Nancy’s creative brief and consultation, I created a vintage inspired mark. Several versions of the logo and mark were created for use in print, digital and packaging. I also included a version that was framed in an art nouveau style border that complimented the font and mark. The new logo incorporates design elements that tell you immediately what the designer’s niche is and the interlocking shapes are reminiscent of the interlocking links in the necklaces Nancy designs.

Step 2: Product Photography

Nancy, like many makers, doesn’t have an unlimited budget for constantly updating her product photography for her online store. So, paying someone to do it full time was not helpful in reaching her financial goals. We set up two shoot dates to go through all of her current pieces. We captured group promo shots as well as individual shots. Nancy watched me set up and assisted in positioning the pieces during the shoot. We talked through camera settings, lighting and background as we created the shots. After both sessions were complete, Nancy has enough knowledge to start shooting her own product photography and developing her own process.


Nancy took her new logo and turned it into a jewelry brand known across the southeast. She also walked away with knowledge that allowed her to be self-reliant and a partner that she can call whenever she needs help or has a question.

Value Summary

Having a polished logo gave Nancy a jumping-off point from which she was able to further develop her brand and build an expansive portfolio of work to grow her business. Her new identity also positioned her as a professional, high-end designer so that she could fetch higher prices for her pieces and realize her financial goals.

A couple of product photography coaching sessions allowed Nancy to learn a new skill set that saved her hours in trial and error as well as thousands of dollars in photography services over the years. Her photography grew more polished and professional, increasing the perceived value of her pieces.

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