Georgia Burnett Bella Dance StudioGeorgia needs a logo, website and help building her social media and email marketing so that she can focus on building a belly dance community in Spartanburg.

Georgia wants to open a belly dance studio. She has been sharing a space with another instructor and wants to grow her business. She is married, works full time and has school aged children.



Her goals include increasing her clientele and leasing her studio to other instructors. Georgia also plans on renting the space for private “belly dance” themed parties. She wants her website to market her services and serve as a place for students to book classes, find resources, video tutorials, music and more. In addition she needs print materials to distribute throughout the downtown community to raise awareness of her brand and new studio. Georgia wants to create a sense of community around the studio.


Georgia still works a full time job. She has a limited amount of time to invest in the development of a good brand, maintenance of a website or regular digital marketing. She has a piece meal website that needs to be updated in order to meet her goals. She also needs to integrate her website with the class booking platform she is using in addition to creating an effective pathway for new clients. Her website, email marketing and social media need to work together to inform students of upcoming classes and events as well as cancellations or changes to schedules.

Bella Dance Studio Spartanburg Logo Design

Strategy & Solutions

Step 1: Brand Development

We refine her brand messaging and imagery. A professional logo is created. A color palette is defined and design elements are prepared. Final artwork include several variations of the logo and separate elements in multiple color spaces and sized for print, website and social media as well as a custom pattern.

Step 2: Print Materials

Business cards and flyers are designed using brand elements. A flyer template is delivered in a format that Georgia can edit later with relevant studio information.

Step 3: Website Development

Website content is defined and organized. A sitemap is developed, audience avatars are identified and a user path is created. An initial concept and mock-up is delivered and construction begins. After 6-8 weeks the website is launched.

Step 4: Digital Marketing and Maintenance

Email lists and sign-up forms are created and integrated into the website and social media. An email template is created for Georgia to customize with relevant information on a monthly basis. A website maintenance plan is established and regular backups and updates are performed. Social media accounts and private groups are created to give instructors and students a place to communicate.

Bella Dance Studio logo design on sign


Georgia has a professional looking brand that presents consistently across print and digital media. Students use her website regularly to check class schedules, sign up for classes, download class materials and reference video tutorials. New clients also find her website and social media via work of mouth, search engines and social media and website traffic increases, resulting in new student enrollment.

Website Traffic

When the website was launched in October of 2015 Georgia’s website was averaging 50-60 website visitors a month. In February 2016 traffic quadrupled. By April of 2017 Georgia was seeing an average of over 1,000 visitors a month.

Social Media

Georgia uses a Facebook page to promote events and classes as well as create a sense of community around the studio. Her following grows to include students who take classes with her as well as other instructors in the area and belly dance enthusiasts. Studio instructors use the page to promote their classes. Events are created to promote performances by students and instructors. Facebook groups are used to give instructors and students a place to communicate privately as well as organize rehearsals for performance troupes.

Studio Goals

Georgia has 2-3 regular dance instructors booking students for classes as well as guest instructors who rotate in and out of the studio more often. The studio hosts community events and performances. Georgia’s troupe also uses the space to rehearse and hold their own events. Georgia also rents the studio as a party venue. She helps organize and provides performances for private parties held at the studio.

Email Marketing

Emails are collected on the website and Facebook via a form. Georgia then uses these emails to market to potential students as well as promote events and troupe performances. Emails are sent to existing students with reference materials and updates regarding upcoming classes.

Bella Dance Studio website design

Value Summary

Over three years, Bella Dance Studio’s website traffic grew and remained steady as new and existing students used the platform to check class schedules, book classes and reference class materials. After three years, the website has been pared down to represent the troupe and serves as a contact point for those interested in booking the dance troupe for community or private performances.

The Facebook page and groups created a sense of community that allowed Georgia to connect on a personal level with nearly every one of her students. It also allowed her to educate the local community about the history and traditions of belly dance. The studio became well known in the local community and people continue to talk about Spartanburg’s belly dancers.

By working with a professional, Georgia saved herself hundreds of hours working on her website. Having a dedicated person doing regular updates and adding content to her website gave her more time to focus on managing her business and teaching classes rather than learning skills that were irrelevant to her work.

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