instagram style photos

Moving away from stock photos in favor of a more authentic image.

I’m regularly touting custom photography as being superior to stock photos. At the very least, you can improve your brand imagery drastically just by using images that have a more authentic feel. Those overly stylized corporate shots just aren’t for everyone and, let’s face it, they’re getting a little old.

A recent study by Laundry Service confirms all of this. The company tested what they call “Instagram style” photos against traditional stock photos. They used 15 clients over 100 million impressions. What they found was pretty amazing.

The more authentic “Instagram style” images yielded a 25% increase in conversion rates. The 341% increase where CTA increased to 8% was what really stood out to me. With the average being somewhere between 0.35% – 1.91%, according to HubSpot, that is a pretty terrific increase. So, turns out you probably need to up your photography game across your digital marketing.


let’s level up your brand imagery


instagram style photos vs traditional stock photos