I never did post any holiday color palettes in December ūüôĀ and that makes me a bit sad. So, I’ll just post them now! Here are two that are both very traditional and yet very different.

My giant Magnolia tree doesn’t just yield gorgeous flowers in early summer, but equally as breath taking seed pods in the winter months. The colors are very reflective of the Christmas season and I love the soft, velvety texture of the big, juicy pods. We love all things analog and vintage ’round here so these over sized lights that my mother-in-law pairs with the more modern mini lights are one of our favorite decorations. This palette is more vibrant and has a more neon quality to it. Don’t believe them when they say you have to stop celebrating after New Years. Our decorations stay up till nearly February in this neighborhood!

magnolia seed pod color palette


christmas light color palette


Inspiration from Every Day Life

Feel free to share and use them for your own projects. Hover over the horizontal palette for HEX values and enjoy!

I was inspired by this color curator and her fantastic gift for creating palettes from nature.

I love feedback, so feel free to comment. If you have a project or event you’d like me to create a palette for, please contact me for pricing and availability.