You need better branding.

Find out how SassyPants & Pastries hit the ground running with a professional logo and subscription website.

How’d they do that?
Heather Marie Schiefer

My passion

is using design and imagery to tell stories and creating partnerships that empower and inspire my clients.

I’ve been running this business for ten years. My favorite part is still meeting new people and creating weird new connections I would never get to make otherwise. It isn’t uncommon for you to see me having a “meeting” with a client that includes obnoxious laughter or funny faces.

I over share, drink too much coffee, eat too many carbs and often cuss more than I ought to. I also love what I do and I’m damn good at my job.

Do you really know who your customers are?

Meet Caroline,
one of my customer avatars.

Sixty-two year old Caroline is partially retired and has just opened an antique store. She loves her cats, grandkids and 70s funk. Caroline plays piano at church twice a week.

She knows that she needs to reach more customers and be able to stay in touch with them. Her staff needs to be trained to update the online portion of their store.

She’s heard of digital marketing and knows it’s important, but has no idea how it works. The thought of managing her marketing alone keeps her up at night.

Caroline is really smart, but she’s not making bank just yet. So, her budget is a bit limited. She’d like a bit more consulting so that she can share some of the responsibilities and watch her expenses.

She values her independence and appreciates someone who will meet her for a pint to lend good advice and help her plan her marketing.

Do you know your customers this well? Would you like to? Let me give you my Customer Avatar Workbook and you could have this type of insight into your audience too.

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I don’t like to brag,
but people say nice things about me.

“Essential brand interpreter for Heart House”

“What amazes me is her true understanding of our refugee empowerment mission, our supporters and friends, and most of all the limits that we have. Through Heather’s talents we can communicate our vision, program, impact, and stories so much more eloquently than if it were done in-house.”

“Working with Heather is empowering …”

“Heather gives a personal touch to her already impressive talent for branding, photography, web design, and … understands how to bring your personal vision for your business to light.”

What kinds of stuff do I do?

I offer logo design, website design and commercial photography. Your first branding consult is free of charge. Throw in a lot of great design, web maintenance plans and solid digital marketing advice and you’ve got a full service agency without all of the agency B.S.

Name your budget. Yes, really.

Great design ain’t cheap, but I’m not one for haggling. I love solving problems and I’m confident that we can find a solution for you.

Hit me up with some details and let me know how I can help you.

What are you waiting for?

We’ve got work to do!