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Project Description

Die Cut Business Card - Print Design

Die Cut Business Card - Print Design

Die Cut Business Card - Print Design

A Simple Business Card Design

This client was someone I had worked with back as Marketing Director at Horschel Brothers Precision in 2007. He is a gifted 3D designer who has contributed to several high visibility projects including a rim design for Jim Kelly’s custom Hall of Fame Tribute bike, as well as custom components for a Gieco bike. He attends several bike weekend events throughout the year and approached me about tweaking an existing card design for the show. He had this really unique, humorous and mildly inappropriate hand made mockup of a card meant to perch atop your cup and draw attention. My job was to dress it up a bit and give it an edge.

A Bit of Foil Never Hurts

In gathering print quotes I noticed that one of my favorite printers was offering affordable spot foil ink. Wah?? Lightbulb! I sent him some samples and suggested the flames get a shiny spot foil treatment. He then decided he’d also like a glossy finish. Well, you can see what a difference it made.

Hand Made Die Cut and a Bit of Cussin’

The back of the card featured his portfolio website address, some biker humor and some space for his die cut tab. Being the talented guy he is made it pretty simple to craft his own die cut jig, making it super easy to cut this tab with a swivel Exacto blade. Well, no one will f*ck with his drink!

A common, simple piece that you see every day turned into a real conversation piece. Not only is it super nice to hold in your hand, but it’ll make you laugh and open up a dialogue with your audience.

Business card design doesn’t have to be boring. I’ve done everything from simple, one sided designs to highly custom hand made business cards featuring textured, pressed card stock to create a really unique craft quality item. Your branding, especially personal branding, should shine through on the pieces you hand out the most. Look at your business cards. Could they be more interesting? Do they reflect your personality and brand accurately? Maybe it’s time to rethink your business cards.

Dude. Be Nice.
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