My Vision for You.

My vision is of small businesses building strong connections with their audiences and with one another. I strive to be trust worthy, open and helpful. I want you to trust that you can tell me about your goals; both professional and personal. Only through communication can we grow your passion into a great business. By working together we can change the professional environment from one of fierce competition and solitary businesses to a true community of neighbors working together to help one another be better collectively as well as individually.

My Story

I left the agency life, shortly after entering it. Nine months to be exact. I quickly learned that the manipulation, monotony and beauracracy were killing my passion for creative design and imagery. I went freelance in 2008. It’s only gotten better since then.

I work hard to remain motivated, transparent and authentic. It may not sound like much of a business model, but I figure you want to feel comfortable with me. So, I’m not going to sell myself as something I’m not. Read on to learn about me, as a human and as a freelancer.

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I value my time, as well as yours.

I am a uniquely independent individual.

I enjoy building relationships with my clients.

I believe design should tell a story.
I put a lot of stock in that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I am flexible, honest and transparent.

I put a high value on research as part of my creative process.

I don’t do this work because I have to. I do this work because I love it.

I am not an agency. I am a mother, wife and creative business person.


You value your time and other’s.

You value quality, professionalism and independence.

You enjoy building relationships.

You strive to provide authenticity and quality.

You don’t just need graphic design. You want a collection of unique,
well designed marketing pieces to help launch or rebrand your venture.

You are smart, independent and have a desire to succeed.

You have a life, outside of your profession, that allows you to grow and improve as a human.