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Creative custom photography encompassing small events, head shots, family portraits, product photography and more.

I offer affordable freelance photography services for both commercial and personal use. From portraits to professional head shots to product photography, I’ll get you the images you want. Click here to view my creative portrait portfolio.

About My Photography

I started taking pictures on what ever I had on hand. A disposable camera, an old Kodak pocket camera, an instant Polaroid. I loved it. When I discovered digital photography my heart melted. I’ve been semi-pro since 2009 when I bought my first “real” camera. I officially took the plunge and started offering my services to business owners and families in Spartanburg area in 2015.

My artistic photography has been described as “ethereal” and “emotional”. My mission as a photographer is to capture superior creative imagery that evokes an emotional response in the viewer. Whether it’s the mood of a creative portrait sessions or communicating a brand identity to consumers, I strive to create the perfect image for all of my clients.