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Freshbooks makes tax time suck less.

I hate doing my taxes. It's not the anxiety of getting audited or the fact that I'm paying the government for ... I don't know what. It's the monotony and the general dislike of administrative [...]

Adobe Creative Cloud Design Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud Design Apps InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop So, you want to learn how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud design apps so you can do more of your own graphic design. I’m [...]

6 Graphic Design Tips from an Expert

6 Design Tips for People Who Aren't Designers. I'm going to give you DIY people some really helpful graphic design tips. I've spoken out before, telling you why you shouldn't design yourself if you're not [...]

Branding Classes at CreativeLive

Branding Classes to get you ahead of the game. Today I wanted to share a super great resource for branding classes. I talk about branding for your business and personal branding a lot these days. [...]

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A History of the Female Entrepreneur by Freshbooks

"Women now represent 40% of new entrepreneurs in the United States. By next year, it's predicted that female-owned businesses will create more than half of the new small business jobs and a third of the [...]

DIY Graphic Design with Creative Market

Some people might think I'm shooting myself in the foot here, but my aim is to be helpful. It's not all about making money. Right? I want to share one of my best kept [...]

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