Spartanburg Graphic Designer, Heather M Schiefer

I am an independent graphic designer who works from a home office in Spartanburg South Carolina. I offer graphic design services such as logo design, print design, branding and identity as well as web design to individuals, businesses and organizations locally and across the United States.

A Freelancer’s Mission

I am passionate about being independent. My favorite clients are the fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, doers and helpers. My mission is to help you connect with your audience on a more personal and human level. Making you feel confident in developing marketing strategies, organizing campaigns and growing your business knowing that your creative will be completed on time, within budget and without compromising creativity.

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Independent Creative Human ...

Specializing in logo design, branding and print design I compliment these skills
with Wordpress development, commercial photography, eDesign and work with clients as a creative consultant.


Graphic design projects spanning logo design, branding, print design, web design and more.

Commercial Photography

Good quality, unique, relevant imagery is crucial to connecting with your audience.


A great referral is like giving your freelancer and warm hug …


Posts about freelancing, WAHM life, design and other stuff.

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Freelance graphic designer specializing in branding, print design and WordPress.


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Random musings of a mildly insane work-at-home-mom.

May 2017 Designer Update

May 2017 Designer Update

Posted in News and Updates

I have not been the most “in touch” person this year. Ugh! Some crazy, happy and terrible things have happened that forever keep me on my toes. Let’s see, I started out my year by setting a few goals. 1. Complete an eight week belly dance series 2. Complete the NXLevel Workshop for existing entrepreneurs […]

Spring Time is Back Again

Spring Time is Back Again

Posted in Color Palettes

It’s Monday again and also Spring time. Today, though, it’s cold and rainy in South Carolina and I wanted to put something happy on the blog. here are a couple little tidbits of inspiration for you.

Converting CMYK to Pantone

Converting CMYK to Pantone

So this is officially my first of a series called “Secret’s Revealed” in which I give away all of my graphic designer gold. Well, not all of it. Anyway, I had to convert this clients graphic from CMYK to Pantone. It’s super easy to convert from Pantone to CMYK in Adobe Illustrator, but there are […]

Don't take my word for it ...

Mary Grace Wallace, Owner / Founder Writefully His

mary-grace-wallace-writefully-his-web“When I received the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the women’s luncheon I immediately reached out to Heather to help me pull in graphics, photographs and our WH video. I continue to use this presentation every time a speaking engagement arises. As a young professional, having this type of product to bring to the table not only allows for a boost in confidence but keeps my focus on promoting my passion the entire time.”

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- Mary Grace Wallace, Owner / Founder Writefully His
Nancy Faulkner, Owner, Pink Dogwood Jewelry

Nancy-Faulkner-Pink-Dogwood“Why did I wait so long? After many months of indecision and DIY design, I finally hired an incredibly talented professional to rework my logo + branding. Heather M Schiefer was so intuitive and connected to my aesthetic right away. I’m thrilled with the portfolio she created for Pink Dogwood Jewelry and encourage anyone in need of design work to connect with Heather!”

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- Nancy Faulkner, Owner, Pink Dogwood Jewelry
Georgia Burnett, Owner, Bella Dance Studio

Georgia-Burnett-Bella-Dance-StudioShe’s über talented, professional, and responsive. Heather created a beautiful logo and branding package for my studio. Her organization skills are top notch, and she allowed me to fully express who I am, what I want, and what my plans are for the future of the business. There was no going back and forth on designs because she gathered all the appropriate information in the beginning. The only difficult decision was choosing which design I liked best!!”

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- Georgia Burnett, Owner, Bella Dance Studio