Creative Services and Specialties

My background in print design gives me an advantage.
My highly focused background allows me to specialize in print and branding while supplementing those skills
with a diverse skill set that includes web design, light programming, photography, illustration, copy writing and more.

Creative Custom Photography Creative Custom Photography

Creative photography services for events, head shots, portraiture, product photography and more.

Print Design & Layout Print Design & Layout

Simplicity is paramount. Let me create beautiful business cards, brochures, page layouts and more. Because “Print is King”.

Web Design & Development Web Design & Development

Complete web design and development, light SEO, Social Media integration, content management and more.

Logo Design & Branding Logo Design & Branding

Logo design and branding are your first step to introducing your business identity to the world.

From the Blog

Random musings of a mildly insane work-at-home-mom.

Your Creative Should Be Better Than It Is

Your Creative Should Be Better Than It Is

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Dear Clients, Free Advice | No Comments

I’m not a judgey sort of person. I try really hard not to jump to conclusions about people based on outward appearances. Although there are a few exceptions … If you are 1). a marketing agency 2). a creative professional 3). a business owner marketing a business … your marketing should not suck. Now, the […]

Why I Charge What I Charge

Why I Charge What I Charge

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Dear Clients | No Comments

I recently had a client refer me to a friend who then contacted me for an estimate. It was a simple business card design but he wanted it turned around in 36 hours. I never say “no” to a tight deadline so I quoted it. But I used a different hourly rate than I normally […]

Things From My Desk: Figurative and Literal Clutter

Things From My Desk: Figurative and Literal Clutter

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Things from My Desk | No Comments

This is my “catch all” dish. I’m sure you have one. I have several, but this is the one on my desk. The actual contents may vary and things will rotate in and out regularly. It looks sort of neat and contained all isolated on that pretty wood surface, but in reality it is overflowing […]

A Freelancer’s Mission

I am passionate about being independent. My favorite clients are the fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, doers and helpers. My mission is to help you connect with your audience on a more personal and human level. Making you feel confident in developing marketing strategies, organizing campaigns and growing your business knowing that your creative will be completed on time, within budget and without compromising creativity.

My Vision as an Independent Graphic Designer

My vision for you is to help you build strong connections with your audience. I strive to be trust worthy, open and helpful. I want you to trust that you can tell me about your goals; both professional and personal. Only through communication can we grow your passion into a great business. By working together we can change the professional environment from one of fierce competition and solitary businesses to a true community of neighbors working together to help one another be better collectively as well as individually.

My Clients

A few kind words is as good as giving your freelancer a warm hug ...

I’ve been extremely impressed with the caliber of work that Heather brings to the table. She is responsive, timely, and isn’t afraid to think outside of the box. We’ve leveraged her skills in several of our projects this year, including web page design, ad creation, and social media graphics. We plan on continuing to work with her as we move into 2014.

- Charles Refshauge

Heather is a very talented graphic designer and more. She has the ability to quickly pick up and understand anything that is thrown at her. She was always willing to help out with any project that you brought to her. She is a real team player that can working independently or on her own. She was constantly tasked with deadlines and met them. I highly recommend Heather to anyone.

- Pete Dandrea – IT Manager

Very good work. High attention to detail. Excellent at conceptualizing mockups of websites which are functionally easy to execute but still very aesthetically pleasing. Also created the best presentations for clients I’ve ever seen.

- Jeremy Sands – IT Professional