A Freelancer’s Mission

I am passionate about being independent. My favorite clients are the fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, doers and helpers. My mission is to help you connect with your audience on a more personal and human level. Making you feel confident in developing marketing strategies, organizing campaigns and growing your business knowing that your creative will be completed on time, within budget and without compromising creativity.

My Vision as an Independent Graphic Designer

My vision for you is to help you build strong connections with your audience. I strive to be trust worthy, open and helpful. I want you to trust that you can tell me about your goals; both professional and personal. Only through communication can we grow your passion into a great business. By working together we can change the professional environment from one of fierce competition and solitary businesses to a true community of neighbors working together to help one another be better collectively as well as individually.

Creative Services and Specialties

Specialized in branding, logo and print design I compliment these skills with consultations, web design, photography and more.

Creative Photography Creative Photography

Creative photography for commercial and private use.

Print Design Print Design

Business cards, brochures, invitations, booklets …

Web Design Web Design

From design to development.

Logo Design & Branding Logo Design & Branding

Logo design and branding are your first step.

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From the Blog

Random musings of a mildly insane work-at-home-mom.

An Invitation from C’est La Vie

An Invitation from C’est La Vie

Faith scares the shit out of me. Jumping blindly, trusting without questions. Especially when the people who should be ushering others into a loving relationship with their God are power hungry fear mongers.

TNRA Fundraiser T-shirt

TNRA Fundraiser T-shirt

100% of the price of these LIMITED RUN 100% cotton Gildan t-shirts will be gifted to a local family who has suffered a loss due to a motorcycle accident in 2015..

C’est La Vie: The Magazine

C’est La Vie: The Magazine

I was called on by a woman I barely knew and had never met to work on an emagazine to be released this summer. They needed a graphic designer to create the logo and brand to do the typesetting and page layout. She was very clear that this was a vision of a friend of […]

My Clients

A few kind words is as good as giving your freelancer a warm hug ...

Twisted Threads Tie Dye and Vegan Soap by Ashlee Nadolinkski

I commissioned Heather to create some designs for my soap and tie dye business. I had no clue what I wanted. She looked through my products, and came up with 3 stunningly beautiful designs that I cant wait to use! She literally gave me what I wanted, when I didn’t even know what I wanted.
I give her 6 stars out of 5. She earned that extra star. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, for both photography AND design.

- Twisted Threads Tie Dye and Vegan Soap by Ashlee Nadolinkski
Mary Grace Wallace, Owner / Founder Writefully His

Mary Grace Wallace, Writefully His“When I received the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the women’s luncheon I immediately reached out to Heather to help me pull in graphics, photographs and our WH video. I continue to use this presentation every time a speaking engagement arises. As a young professional, having this type of product to bring to the table not only allows for a boost in confidence but keeps my focus on promoting my passion the entire time.”


Read About Grace’s Project

- Mary Grace Wallace, Owner / Founder Writefully His
Nancy Faulkner, Owner, Pink Dogwood Jewelry

Nancy-Faulkner-Pink-Dogwood“Why did I wait so long? After many months of indecision and DIY design, I finally hired an incredibly talented professional to rework my logo + branding. Heather M Schiefer was so intuitive and connected to my aesthetic right away. I’m thrilled with the portfolio she created for Pink Dogwood Jewelry and encourage anyone in need of design work to connect with Heather!”

Read About Nancy’s Project

- Nancy Faulkner, Owner, Pink Dogwood Jewelry